Range of Services


I am a collaborator. I work with your team providing as much (or as little) creative and technical assistance as you determine necessary. I offer my services under these guiding principles:

  • Deliver innovative, cost effective solutions -- on time, on budget.
  • Evaluate emerging technologies based on reliability and appropriateness to the client's needs and business objectives.
  • Communicate well with both technical and non-technical personnel and freely transfer technical "know-how" to clients and fellow co-workers.
  • Work with minimal supervision; accurately assess and report project status.
  • Practice simple, straight-forward business terms detailed in an agreement letter.


Conceptual Design

At the earliest stages of the project, I review the research material and provide written suggestions of interactive experiences that the viewer may have with the subject matter.

Together with the client, we develop objectives for each interactive experience. The design of each element is held against those objectives. Every idea must meet (and ideally advance) the objectives.

In the end, we have a document which lists the specific objectives and describes what the visitor sees and does.

Media Planning and Budgeting

Along with the conceptual design, I develop a preliminary media plan and budget outlining the mix of media technology - linear video, interactive video, computer graphics, audio - and assign cost allocations to each.

Interactive Design

The interactive design document typically consists of a treatment, a flowchart, and sample graphic layouts. It can be a schematic overview or a detailed blueprint. My experience enables me to design media that can be produced within the constraints of a fixed budget and schedule.

System Architecture / Programming Specs

I develop the system design, flowcharts and specifications required to create the underlying system software.

Interactive Prototyping

As part of the design phase it is often useful to develop a quick, cost effective, proof-of-concept prototype, either to determine technological feasibility or to evaluate viewer reaction to the proposed interactive concept.

Bid Package Preparation

Many productions must go out for bids. My experience in bidding and producing such jobs enables me to assemble a clear bid package. Producers who receive this package understand the level of effort required. By detailing the key parameters of the project (minutes of video, number of graphic screens, number and complexity of interactions, etc.), all producers are now clearly bidding on the same job.

For Physical Learning Environments...

On those projects that include physical environments, I provide the following services:

System Design, Specification and Budgeting

My knowledge of a wide range of hardware, from simple "push to start" control devices to complex computer networks, enables me to specify the computer, video, and control systems appropriate for the design goals. I also advocate budgeting for spare parts and maintenance expenses.

Custom Systems Programming

For many exhibits, off-the-shelf software won't meet all the needs. I specialize in developing software interfaces to computer networks and unusual devices - ultrasonic and infrared sensors, electromechanical models and robotics, multi-user input devices (keypads), etc. I also develop exhibits with unique database requirements.

Hardware Integration

I believe in using off-the-shelf hardware but integrating it in unusual ways. This approach results in unique, yet easily maintainable exhibits.

Review Architectural, Electrical and HVAC Drawings

Throughout the project, I consult with the building's architects and contractors to ensure that everything will be ready for the equipment installation.

Installation Supervision

I can be on-site to supervise the installation of the computer and video equipment by the exhibit fabricators or the equipment vendors.


As an independent third party, I can resolve the "finger pointing" that sometimes results with multiple vendors. My extensive systems experience with both hardware and software often enables me to fix what may seem to be unfixable.

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